NAturest at your service

At your service are three forest professionals who are crazy about nature. They are all united by a love for the forest and nature, as well as strong pedagogical know-how.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care
Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Rita Porkka

All paths eventually
lead to the forest

Rita is the CEO and founder of Naturest. Her field of expertise is forest pedagogy, gentle nature guidance, and visionary new creation. An environmental educator and event producer whose ideas have popped out of her own living environment. She has dogs and cats at home, as well as a hen house decorated with teddy bear wallpaper, where the chickens lay green eggs.

Petra Koski

A friend of natural water

Petra is Naturest’s first employee. She is a nurse and has twenty years of work experience in the healthcare trade. Enthusiasm for digital marketing sparked through the employment course, and through the growth program, the paths of the sales and marketing factor met with Naturest. Petra loves natural waters and has experience in winter swimming at both the Finnish Championships and the World Championships.

Naturest Oy - Tekijät Petra Koski
Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Raili Hokajärvi

In the forest for both
work and play

Raili’s strong professionalism stems from the forest field. You will also find this forest pedagogist in the forest during her leisure time. Orienteering has captured the heart of this PhD in forest sciences decades ago. A long career as a lecturer in the forest sector and enthusiasm for nature are the bases of Raili’s expertise. Natural foraging products are also close to her heart.

Riikka Heikkilä

From healthcare to
the shade of the forest

Before the forest, Riikka’s steps echoed in the hallways of the hospital. Since, her road took her to the forest field and from there to forest pedagogy. Being raised by the North, she has a close relationship with nature even in her spare time. Riikka participates in the development of Naturest’s services with a great heart and solid expertise.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care
Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Forest nature school, event production, and Green Care


We can’t know everything,
that's why we rely on the best partners

We are surrounded by a team of professionals to help in situations where our own expertise ends. The areas of expertise of our partners include handicrafts, visual arts, job guidance, nutrition coaching, and psychotherapy.

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