Forest nature school and event production

We breathe the forest – even when we’re not there

Our forest nature schools offer lessons and experiences in a natural environment. Our event production arranges spectacular events for our customers.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Forest nature school

Learning and discovering insights
in the forest and from the forest

In the forest nature school, we go to nature. The contents consist of different workshops, educational content, or educational sessions. We offer content for nature and environmental education to Finnish and international school groups, organizations organizing camps, and small groups. From a couple of hours to several days, you can order packages from us on a variety of topics. The forest nature school increases nature awareness but can also be about learning from any theme in the natural environment. With our forest pedagogists, learning new things is full of activities where the learner does not just remain in the role of the listener. An inclusive and inspiring teaching method that takes you on a ride in the inspiring setting created by the nature.

Are you organizing a camp for foreign school or student groups? We offer workshops with an emphasis on nature and the environment as parts or a total package. Our multilingual forest pedagogists dive into their role and draw in even the shyest participants. We also organize forest nature schools for Finnish groups on a variety of topics and needs. Environmental education, forestry, and nature guidance are our expertise. Through our partnership network, we can also find experts in areas that our own forest pedagogists aren’t so familiar with.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Example of the content from
the forest nature school

1. Workshops in the forest nature; themes such as forest animals, Finnish folklore, art time, natural products, learning mathematics, story workshop, everyman’s rights, wilderness skills, sustainable development, etc.

2. Getting to know the materials from the nature and working together on an environmental artwork.

3. A day as a forest planner. What does sustainable forest planning mean? Learning how to read the forest.

4. A brush-saw course for a small group. Theory and practice for beginners.

5. Physical, psychological, and mental wellness impacts of the forest. During the theme day, we exercise in the natural gym, do mental exercises, find our own favourite place, and calm down surrounded by nature.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Forest nature school, event production, and Green Care

Event production

Why do it by yourself? - We can do it for you

Event production is a total package that is based on the customer’s needs and the event can be implemented in such places as a party venue or a cottage in the forest. Need help planning your company’s customer event or staff training days? Do you dream of having a different kind of family party or stag/hen weekend trip?

Naturest is an experienced event organizer who never runs out of ideas and never lacks enthusiasm. Over the years, we have organized numerous events with varying themes. Whether you need an expert-led training day, a fair, or even a recreation day for a small group, we provide you with turnkey event production.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Event production for entrepreneurs

The extensive experience of Naturest’s staff in organizing various corporate events guarantees high-quality event production. We have been a producer or collaborator on numerous events, both large and small, from themed fairs with thousands of participants to staff events of a few dozen.

Typical corporate events are related to either customer events or to staff training events, as well as to recreation days. The content of the staff days is tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer. In addition to the content, we can offer exercises related to well-being at work, fitness, nature experiences, or handicrafts to challenge the brain.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Event production for private customers

Do you have a special family occasion coming up? Grandpa’s 90th birthday party, the youngest child’s graduation? Do you have a group of friends needing to break out of their day-to-day routines? With the help of Naturest’s staff, you can dive into the role of experiencing and enjoying.

We work with the customer to review their needs and then come up with our proposals. We search for suitable venues, whether it’s for an open-air party, a sauna in the surroundings of a Finnish cottage, or a festive interior. Along with our partners, we will plan delicious catering proposals, arrange transportation, if necessary, and, of course, a programme that will satisfy the wishes of the most discerning guests.

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