Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Green Care

Power and care
from nature and in nature

Green Care consists of two different service packages. Nature Power, as its name suggests, consists of empowering activities in nature and Nature Care of rehabilitating activities for small groups.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Green Care

Nature Power from a forest environment

Nature Power is intended for individuals or groups who need a touch of nature in order to calm down, to gain additional power, or a new perspective on their own creativity. The challenges of busy day-to-day life cause our personal resources to deplete, poorly slept nights, and make our brains demand for a break. Studies have shown that even short breaks into nature help us to recover from stress. Breathe the scents of the forest with us, sit by the fire and reflect, or throw yourself down onto a tuffet of moss and dream.

If, instead of calming down, your body needs to be challenged, we’ll offer a heartrate-boosting workout. We’ll pit ourselves against the forest and get the sweat flowing. You’ll feel your stress slowly ease, your blood pressure will drop, and you will begin to breathe more freely. Our partner network includes experts in workplace well-being, weight management, meditation, visual arts, and handicrafts. This means we can create a package to specifically suit you or your group, when nature power is exactly what you need.

Nature Care for
special groups and institutions

The customer base of Nature Care consists mainly of people or groups benefiting from goal-oriented rehabilitation. For special groups, we have safe and goal-oriented nature care services. Among our expert partners are experts in rehabilitation care who offer their expertise to the groups. The services take the customer’s starting point into account and integrate safe, personal experiences into the services.

For us, every customer is special and is approached as a complete individual. We are building nature care services for people with intellectual disabilities, child protection customers, substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation. For rehabilitation facilities and assisted living, we also bring the nature experiences indoors. Using natural elements, we build sensory and experiential spaces that take into account the target group, where we bring the forest close to those without the ability to travel to real nature.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Nature Power and Nature Care
at Grandma’s Farmhouse

Are you missing a touch of the countryside? Naturest’s own Grandma’s Farmhouse is located in the tranquil nature of the countryside, just under an hour’s drive from Oulu. Guests can book a day in the countryside at Grandma’s Farmhouse. The day can be structured according to the wishes and needs of the customer. For example, a trip to the nearby forest, sitting by the campfire, or visiting the dogs, cats, and chickens of Grandma’s Farmhouse.

We can teach you how to heat the sauna and, weather permitting, we can take a dip or go either fishing or ice fishing with Grandpa. Different content is available at different times of the year. At Grandma’s Farmhouse, we do everything that is done when visiting grandparents!

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