Naturest Oy

We breathe the forest

Naturest is a modern nature service company whose mission is to provide its customers with insights and experiences. Both in nature and from nature.

Naturest Oy - Metsäluontokoulu, tapahtumatuotanto ja Green Care

Company information

Power, care, and
insights from nature

Naturest is a modern nature service company with a passion for the Finnish nature. We operate mainly in Northern Ostrobothnia, but our services are also transferable to other parts of Finland. At the heart of our operations is the Finnish nature, its complexity and regeneration. For us, the forest is an opportunity. It is a place for empowerment and insight; when needed, it can become a classroom or a space where you can just do nothing. The forest activates or soothes – according to the need. Our staff consists of forest experts with a strong pedagogical background and a great love for the Finnish nature. Naturest serves exactly those of you longing to go back into the woods. Even if for just a moment.


Naturest Oy’s responsibility is guided by the Ekokompassi certificate and the Sustainable Travel Finland and Green Care Finland quality labels.

All aspects of responsibility are important to us and we are committed to promoting them. We favor eco-labeled procurement and in material efficiency we strive to use 100% recyclable materials. We constantly monitor our environmental impact and highlight practical actions in our communications.

We also encourage our stakeholders to take responsibility. We prefer partners who share the same world of values with us. We regularly train our own personnel on environmental issues.

We have also signed the Commitment to Action 2050. This is the Finnish government’s sustainable development program.

Forest nature school

Learning and discovering
insights in the forest and from the forest

We offer nature education and environmental education to both Finnish and international camps, those organizing them, and other small groups.

Event production

Why do it by yourself? - We can do it for you

Are you organizing a company event for customers, staff days, or a stag/hen party weekend? This event producer doesn’t run out of ideas.

Green Care

Power and care from nature and in nature

We tailor Green Care services to meet your needs. Power from nature when you need a boost for your day-to-day and nature care services for special groups and institutions.


Customers and partners

Naturest’s services would not reach the level we want them to reach without our great circle of partners. Continuity in both customer and collaboration experiences is one of our core values.

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